Streak-free glass cleaning

salty blues

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Is there anything that can be used to clean the outside tank glass that won't leave streaks? I have tried windex, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol, but all of these leave streaks to some degree. Any suggestions?


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invisa-glass (find it in the auto section at walmart)
spray it directly onto a microfiber cloth, wipe the tank down
20 seconds you you crystal clear glass that is dry to the touch


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I just use Ro water.
unless its just salt residue from water, then I just use a clean dry towel.


Tongue to t-shirt, t-shirt to glass. Makes the glass sparkle.
Just don't do it right after eating an oreo.


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What you are trying to remove is probably salt film. Use RO water. Then use a clean dry towel. One that hasn't been treated with fabric softeners. I have tank rags that are washed and dried separately from my regular laundry and are used exclusively on my tank.


I use Windex, but I have to do it twice. The first time spreads a little of the salt that's on the glass, the second pass usually gets it all up...


Rain-x window cleaner , of course i have a canopy, but it is the best I have found my keeping my 3 year old's finger prints down.