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Hey Gang,
I got some california play sand from home base and very disappointed with the result. The sand contain much impurity. Its dusty and the sand is extremely fine. The question i have is will it get better? Right now the water is cloudy and dusty with minimal water interruption. i am afair to touch anything.
Currently, i am thinking about adding crushed coral from Cabi Sea (60 lbs.). Its pretty coarse. Is that coarse grading ok for invert?
Thank you...
David C. Phan, D.C.

mr . salty

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Crushed coral is what I have in both my tanks and I love it. I'm sorry about the cloudy water problem,I do believe it will get better. I would suggest,if you have no fish yet, to stir this stuff up every day and let the filter pads clean the sedament out. My crushed coral was like this when I set up my 40 gallon. I also vaccumed it out twice before the cycle started.


Today i took 3 bags of crushed coral and exchange for live sand..... I have 3 inches of play sand already and i am adding 2 more inches on top of that.... it looks great... two tones..... i am pretty satisfied with the result. Thanks guys