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The zoa forum is dieing and that is mainly because we can't sell there any longer. Nobody is using SW auctions. Why don't use use the capabilities of this message board application and setup a paid members area that is not available for non-paid members. Charge us $10, $20, what ever per year and then let us sell, trade and buy in there. You'll make your money, because most of us will buy the membership for that section.
I'm involved with a few boards like that, using the same application as you are currently, so you have the capabilities of doing that.
Please consider this suggestion and bring the active boards back.


+2 I have tried the auction and can't figure out how you can figure in the shipping cause there is only one shipping option.


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:) this thread hopefully will the SWF web developer(s) to make the small alteration and this is a sure way for them to make money. Instead of nickle and dime everybody out and away from this site, keep the trading/selling/buying in the members only area where you can't even view what's available until you pay.


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All depends on what extent is their desire to make money. If they look at it rationally getting an upfront "join the selling club" annual fee seems to make a lot more sense than what they are getting from the auction site at this point.


I would def pay a annual membership fee to go back to the old way. It would prolly make them alot more money then they are making off the auction site they have up. Is it me or does everyone else think the auction site is a horrible idea???


I also bilieve it would be in swf.coms benefit to join us on our boards rather than fight it
throw some pics on sell some of your odds and ends on the forum you would have good luck we like to see what we are getting not a representation of what we might get I would gladly pay a membership to get our board back in action it is dying

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I appreciate the thought... I think we've done a poor job of explaining the reason for the change.
The purpose of the auction site is to eliminate the businesses, quasi-businesses, scammers, and continuous problems that occur in that area. The few dollars that are generated from the auction site was never the motivation. The security of the site, the limits that could be placed on the number of items that could be sold, and the advanced "behind the scenes" monitoring capabilities were our motivation. Our decision came down to eliminating the Classified area altogether or offering this alternative.
The main purpose of this site is the exchange of information. We realize that some are disappointed that the Classified sections will not go back to the old way...and we understand that we may unfortunately lose some people over this. But, charging people to access a "Sales Board" does not address the issues that motivated us to make this change in the first case.
I appreciate the spirit that this thread was intended. But please understand, the motivation is not financial. It's to get the perpetual sellers off the site. We read the private messages of the sellers and buyers in those forums, and I suspect that 75% of you know the level of abuse that was taking place.


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Originally Posted by CoralJunkie
So how bout an area that is restricted to trading only?
or just more regulations. Maybe the person has to be a member longer and have more posts. and people can only make 3 selling threads a month or something like that. More regulations like the auction site, but the freedom of the old forums.


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or, use paypal only for ppl with verified addresses. deliver with fedex, fedex scans as soon as the package is on the property, paypal cannot issue refund in a scenario like that


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I miss trades.....You could count on 1 hand the number of things I actually sold on this site. But it would take both hands, feet, and quite a bit more to count the times I sent free stuff to folks here at SWF.
I just wish the spammer/businesses didn't mess this up for all of us.