Suggestions for adding color to my tank?



I have a 29 gal with Live rock.
I have 130 watts of PC lighting.
I have some hermits and a emerald crab.
I also have snails that stay on the glass.
I have 1 false per clown and 1 small anemone (which is DOING GREAT!)
I simply am looking for something "non-fish" that can either be an invert or something that likes to sit on the rocks or whatever that is colorful and doesn't hurt any of my other items and is easy to keep.


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Well I think shrimp look pretty colorful, either a skunk cleaner shrimp or a blood red shrimp would add a lot of color.


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christmas tree worms look great, or some feather dusters like yellow, green, or pink add nice color, zoos are great too