Suggestions please?


I have a 56 gallon, 30 side to side, 18 front to back, 24" tall. Can some of you fine people suggest a nice FOWLR setup for me? One thing I'd like to have is a snowflake eel, but if you have an awesome set of fish that can live with in the 30" tank, but wont live with a snowflake, then have at it...Not sure if I want to go "violent' or "peaceful" with the tank, just totally unsure, just know that I'm not putting corals in there;)


As long as you do not do bottom dwelling or really small fish, the snowflake will likely not show issue with any other species.


I had a snowflake in my 55g for a few years. He got just over 2 feet long. Never bothered my fish including mandarin Goby/Clowns.
Just make sure you feed them well and they wont become aggressive. They seem to be somewhat blind and go off of smell more than anything.
Keep the lid on tight!