Hello all... I am interested in starting a FOWLR tank, but I need a few suggestions as to what to put in it. I am looking at tank sizes between 100 and 125 gallons. The list I have in mind so far is
1 coral beauty
1 naso tang
2 percula clownfish
Assuming these are good choices, what else can go with them? I think four fish in a huge tank woul look kinda silly!
What sort of inverts or other fish would you all suggest? :notsure:


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Your options are really endless.
You can do a couple butterfly fish (heniochus are nice)
Fairy wrasse,
Hawfish (if you don't plan on having shrimp.
One of the triggers that don't prey on cleanup crews (bursa, blue throat, niger).
Squareback Anthias.
shrimp/goby pair
As far as inverts, you can do a chocolate chip star and a red general star (very cool starfish), and of course a cleanup crew with shrimp and crabs and snails.


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If you want a more community tank
Bi-color blenny
green chromis
valintinie puffer-very easy going
royal gramma
Fire fish