Sump pump flow question.


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With a 72 gallon tank and a 20 gallon sump, what size (GPH) in sump pump will I need for return flow? My overflows (I have two of them) are 1-1/2"


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Originally Posted by BTLDreef http:///t/396697/sump-pump-flow-question#post_3534805
I'd run an 800+ depending on the brand pump
I was researching 3 different pumps:

Sicce Syncra 951gph with a 11.5ft head height

Fluval Sea SP2 950gph It doesn't give the head height.

Speedwave DC-5000 w/variable speed. up to 1320gph with a 12.5ft head height

Since I was going to set the tank up to house corals in the future, and they're all about the same price, and I was going to install a "Pentair" CustomFlo water system to maximize my flow areas, I was leaning towards the Speedwave model.