Sump question


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I know this isnt the rite place but more people r here.
I think iam going to buy a sump good up to 150 gal. Rite now i have a 30 gal but plan to get a 55 or 75, so my qeustion is can i use this one sump for both tanks? If so how , a diagram would be helpful, I need to know fast!!!!!! Please help me


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Wish I could help with a diagram. But that's out of my league now. However, yes, you can use the same sump for both tanks. LFS' often have many systems linked to one sump. Just make sure you have water quality that's acceptable. I would assume you simply need to have the input and outputs for both systems equal. Eg... just have the returns and overflow water not outpacing eachother. :cool:


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Lets see here, You have a thirty gal tank and you want to get a 55 or 75 gal tank and run them both off the same sump?
You have a couple of options here but be forewarned, by hooking the two tanks (three actualy) together any contamination or disease in one tank will be spread to the others as well...a seperate sump/system for each would be better.
However, you can run two or three or twenty tanks off a single sump (thats how the LFS does it)
Option 1. Two tanks with two overflows dumping into one sump...One pump returning water to both tanks off "T" with ball valves to regulate/balance flow...(if pump dies both tanks have no flow)
Option 1b. Two tanks with two overflows dumping into one sump...Two pumps returning water, one to each tank...(if one pump dies other continues to flow)
Option 2. One pump in sump returning water to tank 1, then overflow into tank 2 then overflow into sump...(flow would be slower in tank two and need additional PH in tank for turnover)


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Thanks for ur feeed back but i just remembered that they will be in two diiferent rooms, I could always have pvc piping going all threw the house. lol
Ok so ill just forget that, now i need to find a 75 gal tank