Sump tank in the garage


i have a 150 tank and am running a 55 gallon sump. Its loud if o was to pipe the sump into the garage do I have to worry about the cold in the winter? Or does anyone have a good way to quite the sump? it sounds like a toilet is flushing all day long
you could put it in your garage. you'd need to buy heaters to keep in it though, and make sure that the temp doesnt change too drastically. You dont want to loose any coral or fish. good luck, and let us know what you decide to do :)


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Why are you getting toliet noises from your sump??? You sure it is not comming from the overflow. If it is your sump how is it set up? Do you have any pics of it?? Mines


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the drains to sump- are they submerged or hanging above the water? if it's the latter, there's your problem. submerge them and it will get quiet.
i don't know where you live, but here, in my garage, it gets below freezing in the winter. i would suggest against having the sump out there. it would be a tremendous battle heating that water, especially at night when the lights are off. the temp swings will be immense.


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I would look at what Mr. X. and others have to say, before a relocation project. What overflow do you have???????
I have mine in my basement ....Even with a moderate climate here as opposed to some. I at times have unwanted heating issues in the coldest parts of the year. But I will say the summers are better for me now with the basement sunp. . I would not like to think of the overheating issues I would have in a garage sump in the summertime. Plus any long distance plumbing may have hidden cost you are mot expecting to incur. Also there could be a higher chance of leaks.
I originally planned 400 dollars into my basement sump-fuge location. It ended up at over 1,000 bucks (and I did all the work),with a higher electric bill than I had anticipated too. Plus I still hear the "hummmmmm" of the plumbing with the larger pump required and longer piping runs.