sun corals


I posted this piece back in May. Here is an update. He's got to have at least 70 heads and is getting wider and "fluffier". It is my favorite piece. I'd get a red one too except I'm afraid of the bio-load of having more than one.


If it is red, not the bright orange - you can frag it and leave for yourself a small piece with not too many mouths to feed. Not too big addition to bioload.
Reds are very rare, you should have no troubles to find people, willing to get the rest of the coral.
If you will do that, please, post your observations and photos, how is it, comparing to usual sun corals.


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Wow That's a really nice one! What do you feed? How often?

I feed him 3-4 times a week. I alternate mysis, cyclopeeze, and some coral food mix I get at the lfs. More mysis than anything.
I just got a reddish one today from a huge fish store in PA. It isn't as big but the color looks really nice. Can't wait to see what it looks like when he opens up.

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Here are mine. I have several, mostly orange polyps with orange or pink bodies, but I do have a small colony of yellow ones, as well.

Some macros, first an orange colony

And the yellow one


I have one of these, its pretty much under another rock in a cave like area but its hard to feed, can i bring it out in open light? I only have 4X55W PC's so the light isnt extreme, id much rather have it out on the sand bed plus it would be easier to that ok?


Here is my sun coral. I remove it from the tank to feed mysis, put her in a bowl and swirl the each polyp gets a will eat a whole block of frozen.