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Is it dangerous to add freshly made saltwater to a tank? I am trying to get my 125 going and I have about 120 gallons of 2 day aged saltwater and just need a few more gallons to get it flowing into the sump. I have anout 5-10 gallons of rodi water ready to have salt added to it. Can I add the salt, wait 20 minutes, then add it to the tank? Again there will only be about 5 gallons of fresh saltwater in the tank. All the rest is aged.


So there are no fish in the tank? Just add the water then. I always use freshly made water for my water changes. If you have a really good RO/DI you should be fine. My RODI get my TDS down to 1 ppm, so I am not sure why I would need to wait to add the water.


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I believe you are supposed to mix newly made saltwater with a power head or air pump to drive out the carbon dioxide and balance the Ph. Your are also supposed to bring change water to within a couple of degrees of the DT temperature, and the salinity to the same as the DT.