Surface Scum problem


I keep getting a problem with surface buildup. I tried the cassette surface skimmer but it didnt work on my nano. I was thinking of buying a real one and gluing it on but I wasn't sure if it would work because the sump portion of my nano is not water tight, water moves freely from the sides of the plastic piece where it meets the glass on the sides of the tank. any suggestions?


I don't know what size tank you have, but I have a 10gal and when the surface scums up, I use a paper towel for manual skimming. It works pretty well for me.


you could try some of that putty that people use to attack rocks and frags to block the sides so more water is forced over the top. Also i used some of the same putty to block part of the surface skimmer in my nano so water is primarily just taken from the surface. Also directing some water flow upward to agitate the surface helps.


im having the same problem with my pico frag tank ive just set up and i also manually skim with a paper towel like Jojo_B! works pretty well!


You need more surface agitation. If theres a powerhead in the tank try and make it move the water on the surface more. If there isnt, i guess just skim it off with a paper towel like was mentioned earlier.