T-5 lit tanks?


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I'm wishing I would have gone with a different color than tan/white sand. Is colored sand any less beneficial? I've also seen blue one someones tank on here, looks pretty cool!


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Thanks. It just really started to take off since I added the T5s. 2x24wt retro actinics. It is a 75 corner tank. Also has a 150wt Mh. I am planning on adding another 2 24wt T5s, though I don't know if it really needs it. The shrooms are the biggest I have ever seen them and the ricordias have almost doubled in size to the point they are crowding each other out.
I didn't pay T5s much interest before, but I have to say, they are great for reefs and though I was always of the oppinion that only MH were needed for clams and anemones, what I have seen with the T5s and the growth the corals put on and the light intensity of the individual bulbs with individual reflectors, this old dog is learning some new tricks.
You say you leave the T5's on for 12hrs and the MH for 6 hrs, you haven't had much of a problem with that? What I mean is the corals are fine with just 6 hrs of mh.
If it is possible, can you post your exact lighting schedule?
I mean- from the time the T5s turn on, to the MH, and then to the moonlights(if you have moon/lunar lights).
I am setting up a 65gal reef that will have 2 x 39watt T5s, 2 X 150watt mh, and 2 lunar/moon lights under my canopy (I will have lots of venilation and fans!)

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The thing w/ colored sand is is that its in no way natural, except for black and grey which is usally volcanic in origin. Also the white sand reflects the light back at corals, naturally evening out lighting.


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hmmm. that is good info. Just wondering tho - does the colored sand have the same buffering effect as the tan?
Also, the white sand has gradually changed to a dirty brown over time... anybody have success keeping white sand white?


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Heres my 55 with 4x54 Nova extreme bulbs.

My 150 with just my 4, T5's on. I also have MH on this tank.