T5 HO Lighting


I placed an order for a new fixture for my 10 gal tank today. The specs of the fixture is: 2x18 watt T5 HO 10K/460nm.
First question is will I need a chiller with this lighting?
Also, I have been researching what type of corals this lighting could support and came to the conclusion I am limited to mushrooms and possibly some zoos. Am I thinking right with that?
And concerning flow, would a maxijet 600 in a 10 gallon fall under "medium flow" to support some of the corals?
Again, thanks in advance for the help. You guys are great!


i have a similar light if no the same. i have the coralife version. as far as corals go there really arnt to many for this low light. it comes out to like 3.2wpg. so not a whole lot. probly handle those corals just fine. but that my opinion
as far as the maxijet goes your probly mid range. i have the 400 in my 10g and it moves a a nice flow not fast not slow probly about the same