t5 lighting on ebay


That is kind of what i have gathered from posts that i have read on here. Kind of a risk with generic lighting. I am at the point where a lighting upgrade is a must. I have 2-250w MH bulbs on my tank - they work great and the corals love them but i am certain it is 1/2 of what my electric bill is and the heat put off is driving my temps up to almost 90. I certainly can not afford a chiller so a lighting up grade that would help with the heat and conserve some electricity is what i am looking for. I am guessing that the T5's put off less heat.


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I'm in a similar boat. I'm rebuilding my 110g tank, and looking at lighting alternatives. MH is too costly and hot, so I'm going to try a chinese LED system that has been getting some interest lately. Only problem - again - is quality control with systems like this.


I bought one of the cheap ones that is probably like you are looking at. I have not had any issues with it but nothing to compare it to either.
Like stated, the stock bulbs are not great. Has a very cold look to it
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