T5 lighting the best for reef tanks?


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I've promoted T5 lighting as long as I've been in the hobby. I am here today to announce... I still do. I haven't jumped onto the LED wagon, and until they can equal what T5's can do, at an affordable price, I'll continue to use T5's. Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks so. Ryan from BRS does a pretty good job of explaining the differences between Metal Halide, T5, and LED... and why T5 is the better option. On behalf of the LED lovers, he does admit that T5/LED hybrids are pretty cool.



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+1 for the price it's hard to go wrong unless you have a really deep tank and want some light demanding livestock near the bottom. I run a couple of ATI T5 bulbs to supplement my AI LED fixtures.


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I've been completely LED for the last few years now. I haven't noticed a whole lot of difference, although a higher quality LED is almost a must... But you could almost spend that much on a six bulb T5 unit. And then the cost of yearly bulb replacements.., I just think that LEDs are a better choice for some people.