Tang Survey



Ok. I want to hear what you all have out there for tangs. Lets list:
Size of fish
How long you've had it/them
Size of tank
What you feed them
I have a 125 gallon with a blue and yellow tang. They are both about 3 inches long. I got the blue in July and the yellow in Nov. I generally feed spirulina flake, formula 2, prime reef, and seweed selects.


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I have a Blue Hippo tang, I've had him for 3months, he was about an inch when I got him, he was a "freeb" at my LFS because he had HILLE, I brought him back to normal and hes now in my 95gal. Hes now 3inches.
He eats anything that gets dropped in the tank except mysis, but Alagea Sheets, Flake, Nori, most frozen food.


Type - Blue Hippo Tang
Size of fish - 2 inches when I got it, 3+ inches now
How long you've had it/them - 2 months
Type - 3 Yellow Tangs
Size of fish - 1 was 4inches when I added it, one was were 2" and another was 1 inch when I added them and are now 3"
How long you've had it/them - 2 months for for the one that started out as 1" and 1 month for the other 2
Size of tank - 150 gallon
What you feed them - Seaweed Selects w/garlic juice & Zoecon added, Calurpa, Algae tablets, plus they snack on Formula 1 & 2 flakes along with anything else I put in to feed the other fish


I have a yellow tang and a hippo tang. Both are healthy and get along fine. Have had the yellow tang 9 months and the hippo at least six. I lucked out as the are both the same size, appx 4 inches. I was trying to get the same size to avoid dominance and it worked out fine.
I have a 75 gallon FOWLR system. I think I can add two more small fish and then I should be maxed out. Looking at a mandarin goby ang scott's wrairy wrasse towards the summer. Feeding tangs brown and green sheets of algae. Also, two cubes mysis shrimp with a cube from the multi pack per day. The non algae eaters need food as well. In addition, I add garlic elixir to the food twice a week with Vita Chem the rest of the week. The garlic and vitamins have certainly kept fish very healthy.
Any thoughts on the manadarin goby and scott's fairy wrasse would be appreciated.

bang guy

Type - Yellow Tang
Size of fish - 5"
How long you've had it/them - 6.5 years
Size of tank - 6' 155gallon
What you feed them - Blended seafood & Laver


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Blue Hippo
2 months
Mysis, Formula 1 & 2 pellets, Prime Reef, Formula 1 & 2 Frozen, Nori


I Have A 125
But I Have A Yellow
Kole Tang
Loooking To Get A Purple And A Black Tang
All Tangs Have Been In Tank Almost 2 Years With No Fighting


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Red Sea Purple Tang
3-4 inches
4 years
Powder Brown Tang
3 inches
1 year
Emerald Entree, spirlina flakes, seaweed selects
125 gallon reef with 30 gallon refug.


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Type- Kole tang (adding a sailfin soon)
Size of fish- around 6"
How long you've had it/them- around a month
Size of tank- 125 gallon
What you feed them- frozen foods, flake, pellets, nori


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Type - Kole Tang
Size of fish - 4 inches
How long you've had it/them - 4 months
Size of tank - 90 gallon
What you feed them - tank algea, nori, home made frozen (clam, shrimp, scallops, squid, octopus, vitachem, fresh garlic), spirulina flakes, formula 1 and 2 pellets


Type: Red Sea Sohal
Size: 5 inches
How long I've had him: 3 months
Size of tank: 210 gallons
Food: Frozen brine soaked in Selcon, Frozen Formula 2 soaked in Selcon, Formula 2 Pellets, and sheets of Seaweed.
I will be adding a Purple, Black, 2 Blue Hippos, and a Naso.


sailfin 3-4 inches 1.5 yrs
yellow 3-4 inches 9 months
125 g
They eat any and everything, but usually frozen medley pack rotating daily. Soaked in garlic, and vitamins. And spinich or alge sheets, I use my mag-float to hold- it works.


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Type..................................Hippo, Sailfin, 3 Yellows, Purple, Blue Eye
Size of fish..........................( in same order, inches ) 6, 6, all 4, 5, 3
How long you've had it/them...all 5 + years, BlueEye 1.5 yr.
Size of tank.........................3 yrs in a 180 g. reef and now 2 years in a 150g. reef w/ 50g fuge.
What you feed them..............lots of nori algea, chopped macro algea from fuge, mysis, Spectrum pellets, PrimeReef, chopped krill and silversides, what ever the fuge produces....


i have in my 180 a vlamingi tang which is 4-5 inches and had him for a month now. i also have a purple tang in the same tank that is at least 5 inches and had him for 7 months. i feed them a mixture of emerald entree, marine cuisine, formula 2 flake and mysis plus nori strips once a day. the nori strips are gone within 20 minutes and i put a half a sheet on the clip.
i also have a 75 gallon with a mimic aka chocolate tang. i've had him since october and i feed the same as above but not as much nori.


In my 135 gallon,
I have a Kole, Yellow, Atlantic Blue and Tennent Tang..
Kole has been in the tank the longest about 6 months,
yellow about 5 months and the tennent and Atlantic blue joined
the fray in December from SWF.com.
Would like to add a blue hippo to finish.
The yellow is largest right now over 3 inches, tennent next, and the
Kole and Atlantic blue are same size almost 3 inches.
Kole was not too happy with the Atlantic blue at first and made himself
known, but no problems now.
I feed all the tangs the same, my own mix of shrimp, clams, mussels with
Noori, along with sprirulina flakes and cyclopeeze pellets, they eat it up.
Also, just added some arctic pods, and rotipheast to the diet, the fish
really gobble that up too.
I have a Blue Morph that is 4 years old, a yellow tang that is 4 years old and a yellow eye kole tang that is 1 year old...........