Tank appraissal


Hey guys, I'm thinking about selling my whole nano system. My friend has to move and she cannot keep my tank for me. So I gotta sell it. Don't want to, but right now that's the only option I got.
How much do you think I should sell it for so people will buy it?
Here's the info on the tank. I'm still not sure about the live stock, but here it goes...
10 gal glass, 1.5 years old
Mini penguin biowheel, 2 power head, 1 heater
12 lbs LR, 3 in LS
Frogspawn, Torch, Toadstool, Leather, Trumpet Coral, Red Mushroom, Zoos
Feather Duster
1 Hermit Crab, 3 Cerith Snails
18 W 50/50 10,000K JBJ, and 28W 50/50 10,000K CORALIFE PC.
Some basic maintenance equipments, too.
If you want to see a pic, there's one on the "Post picture(s) of your nano(s)" post.


Honestly I don't think you're be able to sell it for any decent amount of money. Anyone into sw, can just get small frags from others and let them grow to nano-size. Someone not into sw will pobally not be able to maintain it, or atleast maintain it only until the novelty wears off.
I'd just try offering the corals cheaply to any people you know with sw tanks. Keep the equipment so you can rebuild it later.


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I agree . . . if it were me, I would sell the livestock and keep all of the hardware. That way you can set it up at a later point in time. Unless you need the cash.