Tank for Sale + Parts --> OHIO !!!

Hello all! I am parting with the hobby for a little bit of time and taking down my 20 gallon tank. I have some stuff I would be willing to sell to Akron/Cleveland residents ... Here is what I have:
-Coralife 50/50 130 Watt Power Compact (PC) Light w/ Legs ... Asking $ 100.00 for this, but am open to near offers. I could also ship this item to anyone w/ shipping costs added.
-Live Rock ... 1 Large + 3 Medium + 1 small sized peices + LR Rubble ... It is very purple from coraline algae growth. Weighs about 25-30 pounds total with all pieces. Asking 5 $/lb. ... Better LR then you will find in any stores IMO. A couple big and mini feather dusters attatched as well. Can Email pictures.
-Live Sand = A whole lot of this, with pods and worms in it but will not sell this until everything else is gone.
- Black Stand = Fits 29 High or 20 long ... Paid 110 ... Asking 50 for this, again, open to offers.
- 3 Power Heads = 2 AquaClear 201's and a Maxi Jet 600, with some coraline growth on them. Asking 15 for all.
- I have ten Scarlet Hermits. Asking 2 $ each for them.
- 1 Sexy Shrimp = Asking 10 $ if I can catch him
- 1 Clown Goby = Asking $ 5
- 2 Percula Clowns - Asking 15 ... Must buy the pair please ... They do "host" the feather dusters I have, and they are very healthy.
-10 Astrea Snails = $ 1.00 Each
-1 Red Starfish - $ 10.00
- Red Sea Test Kit = About half of the tests left. Will sell for $ 10
- Kent PH Buffer: Full bottle = Will sell for $ 4.00
- Iodine = Full bottle, will sell for $ 4.00
- Marineland 100 Watt Heater = Like New , will sell for only $ 10
-Penguin 170, no Bio-Wheel, with Coraline algae on it ... $ 10.00
-Penguin Mini Filter= FREE w/ purchase.
-"Dead" Live Rock .... I have a few pieces available. Will negotiate price if you want. (2-3 $ most likely a pound)
Post a reply on here with your email and I will contact you... PLease also let me know if you want pictures!
AIM: mistachildz
Yahoo Messenger: chachcox
E-Mail: mistachildz@aol.com
Ill take $ 275.00 OBO for the tank itself and all the livestock mentioned above!!!! That includes the LR + LS + critters + everythng else in the tank !!! I will also throw in the stand (black in color) for free !!!


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i have some family in ohio and will be going there for thanksgivivng.im VERY interested in the LS ,i know you said you wouldnt let it go until all else was gone but could i maybe take a few pounds?