Tank history

Hey all. Havent posted in a while and wow this place has changed! Anyways my 24g aquapod had changed alot since last time i posted.
Before my return my tanks stock list was a plate coral, xenia, candy cane coral, staghorn, montipora, maited maroon clownfish, spotted cardinal fish, and toadstool leather.
Then i noticed a small patch of hair algae and quickly reproduced and invaded my tank. Killing everything but the fish and cleanup crew. So i purchesed a higher K MH builb and another cleanup crew. When the tank cleared up with algae i aded an anenome. Now my maited pair of clownfish now host it and my curent stock list is maited maroon clownfish, condilytis anenome, and a cleanup crew. I will post pics later of before and after.