tank size for a octopus


what tank size do i need for a octopus.And would a octopus need tobe in a tank only with inverts and rocks,no fish?Because i know they ink when they get scared.Any info about octopus will help!:yes:


the one thing I know about Octupus is they are escape artists. They can squezze out of almost any opening. I was interested in getting one but sounded like way to much of a hassle.


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They also need to be mentally challenged. They are EXTREMELY intellegent. They will get bored and unhappy if not stimulated.


:happyfish I know a 60 gal.minimum is required for the 2 spot octopus, but most need a 150 gal. or larger. Octopus are increadably strong, and rocks need to be glued together to prevent toppling. Lids need to be bolted on, also, as they are escape artists. They are also very smart, and can fit in any hole that is big enough for the beak of the octopi. Good luck


The tank size depends on which species of octopus. Octos don't need strong light just the kind you usually get with a tank. They like alot of places to hide. Also i don't think anyinverts would last too long. If you e-mail me I can give you a good site for octos:)