Tank Temp. at 85...always

This is my first post in a long time!
well my 24g aquapod reef is always having a temp at 84-85 since August. I cant keep corals and is killing the corals i have had before. And, i cant afford a chiller. I dont get it. It is nearly winter. I have 1 suspiscion. That is the MH builb over it. It is a 150w 15000k builb.
And there is NO heater in the tank so that cant be a problem. And yes i do own a heater i just took it out because the tank temp was high. I took it out a long time ago.


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if your tank temp is "always" 85 then its probably not the lights as your tank should cool overnight. I would say you have a powerhead thats putting a lot of heat into the tank. if your lights were causing ti it would go up and down with your daylight cycle.
I would put your heater back in (to keep your temp from dropping to low) and try removing one of your powerheads at a time and see if that brings it down any.


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if no corals are in it simply leave the light off. If the temp doesn't drop within 24hrs its not the light. As stated especially without a heater there should be a noticeable drop and rise with the light cycle. perhaps the fans are defective if its not the pumps/powerheads.

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You can also add a fan to blow on the surface. This will only at best give you 2 degrees relief but 2 is better than none.
Good Luck.


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My tank stays at a balmy 82/86 all the time, and my fish and corals are happy and healthy. Heat above 87 does affect them.
Coral list:
Stripe mushrooms
True Blue mushroms
Purple seafan
clover polyps
Eagle eye zoa
Neon dagon eyes zoa
Lettuce coral
Cabbage coral
Yellow Tonga leather
Green Star Polyps
My coral will shrink up if the PH and Alk are off. So I put buffer in my top off water. Also my lights are MH 2 X 175w over a 90g tank 10 inches from the water surface. I use 4 power heads and a spray bar for water movement.
I say all this because there are lots of reasons coral die. If the water doesn’t have enough movement, low PH and Alk, bad/old bulbs, to strong or not enough light, coral placement and coral food…all play a role in keeping them alive. Stray electric current is another problem.
If temps at 86 kills coral, mine would be doomed, my tank has been above 85 now for about 2 months straight with no ill effects. I provided a list just in case that makes a difference. Some critters do want cooler temps. Mine don't seem to.


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What stock pump is it again? What are the ratings? I think we changed ours out. We usually do for the cubes because their pumps run hot. But you'll have to refresh me on what's in there.
It's also the lights. You don't keep the glass lid on there, do you. I had to get a chiller. The chiller pump quit working one day and the temp shot up to 86 killing my clam. I have that tank.
I have a fan on my other HQI 28g JBJ. It keeps it down great. Lemme get the brand. It's a bit noisy though and the evap is crazy, but it drops the temp like crazy
EDIT: C Breeze Fan
my tank goes inbetween 75 and 80 sometimes. the trick to loosing the 85 degrees is fans fans and more fans... just make sure u have a ATO in place cause the evap rate is going to be insane... i go through 5 gallons of water every 4 days on my 50 gallon. open your canopy if it has doors, point fans at the sump, if the tank is near a window this can also raise the temp. malfunctioning pumps, heaters, over driven lights, thousands of pistol shrimp firing their claws non stop... jk bout the last one but check all these things and clamp some fans on the sucker... it will cool down


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85 degrees would kill corals or fish unless it flunctuates a lot. what kind of corals r u keeping? how long has it been set up. more info would certainly help.
you know its funny how no one has tried to give him the obvious advise... myself included... start at square one and get a brand new thermometer lol