Tank too deep for me to scrape

debbie g

Hey, just wondering if anyone has come up with a better idea for scraping algae near the bottom of tank. I have a bowfront so the conventional scraper, being flat edged only works when you can run the razor horizontal. Near thebottom of the tank, I can't reach down far enough to do that so now the algae is starting to accumulate a bit and is getting harder to get off. A regular long scraper doesn't work on it. It has to be a razor edge. Any ideas?
Debbie G


Have you tried a credit card or a card like that? Someone mentioned it on this board awhile ago and we have been using it since. Pretty flexible too!


have you tryed a mag-float magnet. the smallest one myght work for your bow-front and they make it so your hand or arm don't come in contact with the water.


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Get a stool to stand on...you should be able to reach then. I also had a BF and that is what I did.


Originally Posted by Beth
I also had a BF and that is what I did.
Is that when Bang Guy went down to visit :thinking:

debbie g

No, I haven't tried a credit card, mouse. I still wouldn't be able to reach the bottom. (I'm vertically-challenged :) )
Beth, I DO use a stool and still can't reach. (Why couldn't my mother have been a tall woman?)
And dirtee, I suppose I waited too long for the mag float to work cause now the algae is so caked on in spots, that it really needs to be razor bladed off.
So Beth, Yea, I guess I can ask my husband. I'll just have to fight off a "Harumph" from him when I ask. (I've been trying to keep him interested in the hobby without doing too much work on it) Thanks for your replies.
Debbie G :happyfish