Tell me if it is worth the money please...


Hi everyone:
I would llike your opinion on this. I found a person who is moving out of state and is selling the contents in his tank which he had for 2 years already. I want to find out if the money is worth or not for the following:
-1 Yellow Tang- 3-4 inches
-1 Queen Angel- 4-5 inches
-1 Cardinal- 2-3 inches
-1 pair of clownfish (mates)- 3 inches each
-1 Eight Lined Wrasse- 2 inches
-2 or 3 cleaner shrimps- 3 inches
-1 Hippo Tang- 3-4 inches
-a handfull and a half of browm mushroom corals
-65-70 lbs of fiji live rock (beautiful)
-3 inches of live sand he's got in his 75 gals
-1 blue tail damnsel- 1 inch
-1 frog spawn- 4 inches
-4 or 5 tree looking corals...beautiful
-Somekind os bubble tip looking coral about 10-12 inches in diameter when open
-all his snails and hermit crabs among other things I can't remember
He's asking 500.00 dollards for all this. Everything is going into my 125 gals tank that I have had set up for about 4 months now. Please let me know what you all think. Thank you for your time.


too much for a 125. also some of those fish are fish for experts so you could get some of them but I would not recomend all of them


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What do you have in your tank at the moment...if empty to should be ok BUT DO NOT TAKE THE ANGEL...Also my concern would be that your tank is very new and Hippo's are for experts and do require a well established tank, so it may die within the first week.


I agree with shawnhardy.... I know the are sensitive but that doesn't mean you have to be an expert to handle one or two...Besides, at what point in this hobbie does one person become an expert? After 6 months, 1 year, 2 or maybe more?... As long as you know how to take care of them you'll be fine....


I'm not sure, I haven't looked at what they offer in awhile, but I think you can get cured and uncured. But even if you got cured, you would have more die off just due to the transit time, than if you bought it locally, but it is much cheaper online. Around here lr goes for 7 bucks a pound.:eek: