Tell me what u think of my setup im getting.


u can see the tank setup i have on my signature, but These are the fish i want and other stuff. I am wanting to get a Regal Tang (Baby and when he reaches to when he is to big for tank i am gonna get an even bigger tank) Then maybe a Yellow Tang and same Baby....., then I want 2 Cleaner Shrimp,some more corals, 2 False or True Percs, Green Spotted Goby, and maybe some other little guys. I have good Coral Growth and my tank levels are all down. Im treating the clown i have now with Melafix cuase he has like the Fungi around the mouth. But he is doing better now. O and some more Cleanup Guys.
Thanks Danny
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You are not treating the clown in the reef tank are you? I would avoid adding any medications to a tank that you want to keep corals in.


A regal and a yellow won't work! They "usually" tolerate any yellows or purples in the same tank, unless it's a very large tank. Also unless you're sure your pod population is pretty big, then you should refrain fron getting a green spotted mandarin, they need a thriving pod population an most just wither away.


I would belive a regal and yellow would get along before a yellow and puprle. Fish with the same shape usually fight first. But whatever I've had yellow and purples with hippo tang never no probs. I've had probs with a kole and purple and yellow and purple= had to remove one before death.If you are going to have 2 tangs I would at least get a 90g A hippo will get big