Hello all,please tell me what is the ideal temp for a 90g I hope to finally set up in July,
I hope to have reef with some softies and maybe a clam or two if I can get the lighting(MH) plus fishies... I have an 16ft large sliding glass doors about 10 ft away from tank that I plan to put window tint on asap to block the sun and then a mini-slpit AC about 10 feet on the other side.(it's kinda blowing right in the direction of the tank) which here in Florida, any ac is good. I decided to go ahead an fill the 90g tank that I have and take temp reading for awhile, after 24hr Im reading about 70*-72* without the lights. My concern is that after I add the lights my temp will go high and I will need a chiller(hopefully not) too much $$$ any thoughts? Thanks!

mr. green

With MH in Flordia, you may be looking at a Chiller. I am sure we have some other Florida people on the board that can tell you for sure. You might just want to start saving for it.


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My 29g tank with 2 powerheads, a return pump, a skimmer, and pc lighting holds at 80.4 and that's without a heater. My guess is your tank will take longer to heat/cool but you generally want to keep your temp between 77-84 (give or take) but want to minimize fast swings. Don't buy a chiller until you know that you'll need one. You might be able to get away with a fan blowing across the surface.