Tesselata Eel


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I have a Tesselata Eel that is 18 inches long and for the first 3 weeks nothing worked on feeding him. I went to a Chinese Store and found Marque Quality Pak Brand Wild caught squid. 3 lb box. These are whole squid about 5 inches long. My eel went from having food in his mouth and spitting out to an eel that attacks the squid. This saved my eel. He was looking terrible. I tried krill, shrimp, live feeders, etc. This worked. Hope this will help somebody else that has an eel that will not feed.


Keep in mind that most eels when put in a new environment won't eat. The can go long periods of time with out eating. I have a small fimberiated moray and a undulated thats about 3 ft long. The undulated almost immediatly but the little guy waited a bit beforehe started. I would love a tessy but I have a feeling that he would prolly kill my undulated. My undulated is super aggressive too. Funny thing is my big lion fish backs him way off! AHAHA