The best clean up crew for a reef tank


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I have heard many people say different things about a clean up crew. My tank is fairly new and I don't have any problems but I don't want any problems in the tank. I have read many posts on here and there are many people who's opinion I value! What do you think the perfect clean up crew would be for a 90 gallon? I am looking to make sure the tank is great for the future so I am trying to make sure everything continues to be good as I start to add more fish, I currently have a watchman goby, brittle starfish, a few snails and a few crabs and a blue chromis-I think i spelled that wrong sorry! The manager at the LFS here is willing to order me anything I want as long as it is available to him and he never charges me full price so I am not too worried about the cost I just want to do it right!


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It depends on what Algae and detritus you have and how much of it you got… Algae and detritus is the food of your CUC.