The Best Love Song??


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What are your guys fav. love songs?? My #1 is "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. My#2 is "With or Without You" by U2, #3 is "This Years Love" by David Gray. I could listen to them 100 x a day!! :joy: I know I'm a dork.


mine is hakuna matata.... the ultimate bards tale of love for friends......
seriously though i dont have a favorite love song...
oh i know. How about "im in love" by ll cool j


Ok Im an 80s girl so here goes
Two outa three aint bad - Meatloaf
Angel - Aroesmith
Dont close your eyes - Ozzy and Lita Ford
And the odd Flamico Guitar song
Maria - a story about a dead lov you never forget


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OK...This is REALLY gonna show my age...The theme song from Love Story. Anybody remember the movie? :D


LOL.... Dont tell my wife but I only know the name of the song not who sings it. This was our wedding song to each other "Truely Madly Deeply". I wanna say its Savage Garden but not 100% sure. The lyrics are easy and not hard to sing with your loved one I think.


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"Pour Some Sugar on Me" Def Lepard
"I Want Your ---" George Michael (though I definately don't want the same kind of --- that he wants.
wait, those are lust songs.
let's see, I like "alternative" music, not a lot of loves songs there.
have to go back to the 80s I guess
Angel by Aerosmith is good
Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse
Love Song by the Cure
The Flame by Cheap Trick
Eternal Flame by the Bengels
some good country love songs too. Allan Jackson's "Remember When" is pretty.
"Grow Old Along With Me" Mary Chapin Carpenter (this is a John Lennon song, but i've never heard his version). Carpenter's version was played at my wedding.


that song by steel heart. i think it was called i'll never let you go.
hair bands rock.


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dont wanna miss a thing-the country version by ? and also by aerosmith


Mony Mony - Billy Idol
Paradise by the dashboard lights - MeatLoaf
Why don't we get drunk and screw - Jimmy Buffett


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type of music R&B for sho.
best love artists. eric clapton
other good romantic music....some eagles, some journey, some boston... u know. the good old days


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pwnag3!!...Awsome avatar...
how about...From Autumn To Ashes - Chloroform Perfume
This Love - Pantera
Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier - As I Lay Dying
Skin and Atmosphere - 36 Crazyfists
hmm my mind is blank as far as some more


Those were indeed the good 'ol days of music GNorman. Nowadays, music ain't cool unless you have androgenous members, plenty of black make-up, a whiney "nobody loves me" mood to each and every song (emo losers) or bling and grillz (rap fags).