The Dream Tank!


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Well I finally worked hard enough and saved my pennies, and most importantly talked my wife into it...
I am building a 150+ tank into a wet bar in our house....
Im going to do a fish only tank but I want to know any websites that sell interesting and exciting things, air bubbles, artifical coral, ect. I was thinking of some sort of model boat that would appear to be suken at the bottom of the tank for my future fish to play with...
Any ideas if and where I can find something like this ?

rabid frog

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I have heard of a guy locally that odered fiber optic coral. As fas as the sunken boat thing, you could probably go to any of your local chain pet supply stores and find what you are looking for.

mandarin w

You do not want an "air bubbler" in a saltwater tank.
Air bubbles can kill saltwater fish.
Well the thing with the sunken ship is this, You will have to find one that has absolutly no metal on/or in it. None. It can not contain any wood, It can be plastic but can not be painted. So this limits you greatly. And with fake decorations, they need to be cleaned regularly, they tend to build up with slime and alge rather quickly.
How much experience do you have with saltwater tanks.