The new fry setup


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image.jpg Well after 2 failed atempts at raising my fry Ive got a newer setup. Any feedback is welcome as much as I love to lurn as I go lol.


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Is that your broodsstock setup? Are you raising clownfish?

Clownfish fry from what I always read and did,... Require a round, black container that is lit from the top. The black backgrounds make it easier for the fry to hunt and catch prey. The rounded container keeps them from catching in the corners and dying. I would also put a bristle worm in each container to eat dead food and clowns.

The round black container can have a stand pipe in the center and a shared sump in the bottom. The flow into the tank is very, very slow and positioned to be circular motion. I had as big of a skimmer as I could on my broodsstock tanks and my grow out tanks. With a sump on fry tanks, a small water change is good enough, since they grow pretty fast.

I'm sorry I am making so many assumptions. What you have right there is great! You should be proud of that! But it might be better to serve as broodsstock tanks. Not dissing.


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Well that makes good sense shh dont tell the wife i need to spend more money lol. I figured the 4 tanks would serve as enough time for the fish (clowns true Percula) to grow to a point i can sell them. Each tank has a valve to adjust flow i figure first 5 days no flow air stones and rotifers should be fine. Tanks are painted black on the sides faceing another tank. I have very fine spong to stuff in the 1" drain pipe when i start the flow.