The Swap is Done!


Hi everyone,
We finally rearranged our tanks tonight. Man oh man, I hope we never have to do that again!! We had to remove all the rock from the 45 because the checkerboard wrasse decided he was NOT going to be caught and buried himself. So we had to sift through the sand...finally found him, caught the betta, and off to the 120. Then we had to remove a ton of rock from the 120, put it throughout the other tanks...and it STUNK!! I have never smelled rock that stunk so bad. Urgh. Hubby thought it smelled like methane gas. Double urgh.
THEN, we had to rearrange the rock that was left in the 120...and the betta dissappeared. LOL Removed the rock, and like we thought, he had wedged himself between two smaller rocks and was caught. Freed him, replaced the rocks, and were ready for a break. However, we still had to move the tang and hermits from the 29 to the 45....but we are done now! Woohoo! All the fish are swimming happily, except for the betta who is hiding from the powerhead, and the checkerboard wrasse who is doing his usual nighttime sleeping in the sand.
So, now I am off to find a good source for the puffer, snails, and pinktail. My LFS does not have any of the above, and the last time we were in there the tanks were not looking too good. Many dead fish. Makes us nervous. The owner is on vacation for a month...maybe he will put it back to rights when he returns.