Things we regret adding?


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Though it would be fun to talk about what we REGRET adding to our list?
1) Blue Linka Starfish...didn't last long, and nasty when we finally found him.
2) Xenia - this won't stop growing, splitting, etc.
3) Picasso Trigger, had before tank became a reef tank, he was so nice I though he could stay. What a mistake! Starting eating everything is sight!! And what a bugger to catch!
What about you, what have you regretted adding??

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I think we've all been there/done that!!
Mine was a cute little red coris wrasse my wife just had to have. We got it as a very young bright red colored juvinile...still don't know for certain if its a red coris or a formosa(juvinile coloration is very close)...but I do know that it likes to munch my crabs and any available shrimp. Eventuall trapped him and removed him to my fish only system where he fits in much better. Not only did mine munch creatures I want to keep it also had a tendacy to burrow in the sand bed and must have seriously dented my pod/worm populations...they've since rebounded but while he was in the reef numbers were much lower in the display.Plus he started as about a 2" juvinile and he's now closer to 7"-8" in length/partially changed to adult coloration/and still growing!!


Um...lets see...The devil encarnated yellow damsel that I got when I first set up my tank and have not been able to catch for over a year. Then, the maroon clown that thinks every piece of coral is his anemone. I hate fish!! They are pretty but I never had had much luck and am very discouraged :( I tried to add a small tang a little bit ago, but the yellow damsel killed it! I have tried fishing for it, spearing it with a

made out of a straw, shish kebob stick and a ruberband, nicked him a couple times but never had adirect hit, and netting him...yeah right.

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i had a blue damsel that was fine until started harassing my new tang. So i got on a mission, too all my rock out and netted his a**, didnt want to flush him so i tossed him in my Q-Tank. Now i have a delimma with a monkey shrimp, said on here he was reef safe-- so i didnt research other than that, now i find out he eats polyps. Looks like ill be doing some rearranging over spring break. :mad: :mad:
Anyone here have a monkey shrimp that doesnt eat corals?? Grouperhead??


#1 Purple Suedo. vicious little booger that torments my firefish daily. #2 Red Serpant Star, It was way too big for a 75gal reef and was taken out by my green brittle stars. #3 Decorator Crab, it would only eat mushrooms and it ate a lot of mine.


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I forgot to add the BRITTLE STARFISH...took out a small royal gramma, and they are so creepy to watch...they move really fast and horrible to get out. We went through an episode Christmas morning to catch him - ended up using a crab fork to catch him...yuk!!

tahoe ocean

regretted but still loved him while he was alive:paul the Picasso Trigger
He was in my tank the first 3 years while it was fish only. I was devastated when he died. Regretted because he was so aggressive he never tolerated anyone but damsels or clowns, and he picked everything all the time. Also, regretted because he froze to death after the heater went out while we were on vacation the water was 55 degrees when we found him. :(

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ohh i forgot, i 2nd that pseudo (mine was a bicolor)-- killed a percula before i could yank him out. Mean SOB's.


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Ag, I don't have any coral yet, but do have 4 monky shrimp. You can bet if they go after some of my coral when I add it, they'll be taking a trip to the lfs (or trigger tank ;).) They're cool little guys though. The only fish I regretted adding was the lunare to my aggressive.....picasso killed him after being fine for 8mos :( . Bo
And no, I'm not really going to feed them to my triggers if they act up....


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Yellow polyps and mushrooms. They multiply like crazy. Kinda sucks when you want to go to LPS and SPS.
1) LEMON PEEL ANGEL- the LFS has one in there tank, and it wasnt eatting any of the polyps or trying to attack the other fish.
But in my story, he picked on my yellow polyps and all my fish! My paired maroon clowns are a little messed up in the fins and such.
2) Fresh water RED arowana- they are endangered species and I had a $3000 blood red arowana (4 Inches), and I had him/her for about 2 years in my 300... He was so pretty... Pop eye caused him to die. He would'nt eat, so I gave him to one of my arowana experts, who has be breeding them... So he put him to sleep, then put this stuff in his eyes, which was suppose to help heal it. When he put it in, the fish moved! So he was living for about 3 more months, then finally, he died... Such a pretty fish gone away, and now, he lays in the back of my backyard... RIP...
A pair of domino damsels. This was when I trusted everything the LFS told me - they said they were the most peaceful of the damselfish :rolleyes: Tough fish but mean. If I ever cycle another tank it will be with raw shrimp.


I agree with the psuedo...right now mine keeps me from adding any other fish right now. It's his tank unti I catch him. Not ready to break the tank down just yet. Trying the patient appraoch and trying to get him into a trap.


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Green brittle - crawled out of the tank, dogs ate it.
Red brittle - got gross holes in it and died
purple tamaria stria - loved it, studied it, was ready for it, crawled out of tank and yep dogs ate it.
No more stars for me:(
Wow wrassecal! Bad luck with starfish! :( And blondenaso1, ROTFLMAO! :D As for me, my worst decision was to set up my 20 gallon fw without ever looking at or worrying about any of the fish I bought. I ended up getting 4 neon tetras, 2 rams, 2 red tail sharks, 1 molly, and a red Oscar. To say the least, Oscar grew HUGE (6 inches now and still a juvenile), and ate all 4 of the tetras, the molly, and one of the rams. The 2 red tails hate each other, but seem to be ok as long as each of them is on a different side of the tank. Oh yeah, I got an unidentified cichlid as well. He's purple, with black vertical stripes. From the littlest of fish to the Oscar, he struck terror into everyone's hearts. He is now in my 10 gallon with my loach and turtle. Pretty hard to pick on something with a shell, to say the least. :D


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2 damsels used for cycling. Now I have to catch them and give them to my dad. In order for my dad to have them I had to convert his fresh to salt. Lot of work. Wonder what he'll do with them after his cycles. :D


I had a boxfish for a while! Then it died and the toxins that it released killed all my prize fish (regal tang etc).
Also a carpet anenome that moved all over my tank leaving a destructive path!