Thinking about setting up a 30 tall


Hey everyone,
I have been thinking about setting up a 30g tall and wanted to put aggressive fish in it. I was thinking a drawf lion and maybe an eel that stays small. I really don't have too much knowledge about aggressive setups so any advice would be greatly appreciated. The tank I was thinking of picking up is an eclipse tank from one of my buddies. I will probably drill it or put an overflow on it and run it to a sump, probably with a small skimmer. Is 30g too small to put big feeders in?


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What are the dimensions? A regular 36" 30g is fine for a dwarf fuzzy, imo, but I'm not so sure about a 30g 'tall.' Bo
I think a 30 tall is 24" x 12" x 18" . That might be a little cramped for a fuzzy. A tall tank like that would be good for an eel.