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So lately I've thinking hard about ending my run in this hobby for at least a few years and getting rid of most everything. It just seems that I don't enjoy it like I once did and I find myself spending only enough time on it to do maintenence and not really enjoying it. I probably would have ended a few months ago but I dread going through the hassle of finding good homes for everything. Those of you that have quit the hobby before how did go about getting rid of everything?? I'm trying to find a way to recoup some money and make it easy for me but at the same time I want my stuff to go to a good home.


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Been in your shoes, and can't say I won't be in them again. A great hobby to be sure but it can get to a point where it's more work than enjoyment.
When I made the transition from fresh to salt, I broke down everything. Figured I'd had enough of fish. Attempted to sell the whole set-up but invariably, everyone wants a "piece" and not the whole pie.
I returned my fish to the lfs for store credit and included the credit slip as part of the package. I advertised locally as it's a royal PITA to deal with on line deals, shipping, etc..
Figure to get about half of what you have in the system, maybe a bit less. If you're lucky, you can sell the whole deal. If you part it out, expect to get a bit less, and it can take time to get rid of everything. If you even think you might get back into it at some point, hang on to the tank/stand/lights, and any other expensive equipment. Store them away. If you're uncertain, unload it all. Just as in setting up a tank, tearing it down and selling it will require patience. If you have a nearby local reef club, I'd look to their membership first. You might have success there.
Good luck. I'm sure it's not an easy decision but you can always get back into it later if the bug bites.

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Find a local reef club, that's the easiest way if you can find one. I've sold all kinds of used equipment, etc. on ours.

nemo lover

Maybe getting rid of the harder stuff, and keeping a fish only? or down sizing to something less stressfull for you? what size tank are we talking about.. if you don't mind me asking?
I agree advertising through a LFC is a good idea.


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I have to agree with you that I go up and down in this hobby, there are times when it is just feed the fish and hope they live. Then the very next week I realize that I have been staring at my tank for the last 20 mintues. You might want to hang in there for another week and see how you feel.


I get that feeling once in a while. But oddly enough reading this board and looking at others pics helps get me back into it. Then I look forward to getting home and "playing" with the tank. It seems like an endless moneypit but still fun :yes:
Oh and hey if you decide to give it up NAS I live near you and may be interested in stuff.


I know you would be losing money on this, but what if you donated the fish to an aquarium, not like the ones in our homes, but the ones you pay admission for.


At least wait til summers over before you get rid of everything. With such nice weather, there is always so many other things to do that the tank gets put on the back burner and even becomes an inconvenience when you wanna go outa town or camping or whatever, but I think when the weather gets cold again your tank will be a higher priority. Least I hope. You will have your little piece of paradise amungst all the snow and cold. :)


What would you be getting rid of? I would be looking for a nice complete system. And, i'm close enough to come pick it up.
Email me at
Thanks, Matt


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It's only a 55 with a single clownfish but it has ~100 lbs of LR and many different types of coral I would have to find a home for. Those that expressed interest I'll keep you in mind. I need to think about what I want to do.


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I go though that sometimes too but it seems to always turns around for one reason or another. My 110g tank is down stairs and somewhat automatic so all I have to do is look it over real quick and feed the fish. Some weeks I spend 2-3 minutes a night down there and other weeks you couldn't pry my away. Over all, now that the tanks are mature, I think they do better when I'm not constantly messing with them...
Hopefully things will turn around for you.


I found it was actually fairly easy to get rid of everything. The most difficult part was coordinating who got what and who was coming when to pick stuff up.


hey Matt M if your looking for a 55gal system check the classifieds.. You have one forsale.. Maybe you can give yourself a good deal on it and shipping wouldnt cost much. :hilarious


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Well, I HAD to give up my tank when I moved. Fortunately I was able to find someone who I think will be a good hobbyist and a good owner for my tank, and he took the whole thing. So none of my animals had to suffer. I put 110% into transitioning the tank to its knew home, and making sure that everything was stable and working perfectly before closing that chapter in my life. I still think of my corals and fish and miss them. It was heartbreaking and very difficult for me and the exp will probably keep me from setting up another tank for a very long time. Yet, I'm still here at
I ended up running an ad in the paper and someone responded who was worthy of my tank. If you post it up in the classified sections of hobby BBs, you will also get responses. Since you are not in a rush to get rid of it, then you can take your time if you want give up the whole tank without breaking it down. You may make some money off of it, but you will not get anywhere near what you put into it.


This is the sole reason why I am glad now that I only went with a 50 gal. I wanted bigger at first. The thing has been up for just about a year. It basically takes care of itself. I have probably only tested the water three times, give 6 gal H2O changes every 2 months, and have to fill up my drip system. When I give water changes, I scrape the glass but other than that, that is the extent of my maintenance. I have lost one coral and maybe 5 fish in that time frame. I think if I went bigger, the maintenance would be more and I might have the same feeling of getting out.