This is a good deal for 500$ right?


Im new to the hobby and have been constantly browsing the classifieds for a setup and ran across this
75 gal single overflow already drilled tank with an black painted double door stand
25 gal plexi glass sump
all pumps for the tank
coralife 48inch pro light with 10k MH in it now and a spare set of 12k
ASM g3 skimmer
thats a good deal right?? i mean i priced some of the stuff and yea price wise it is but is it quality equpment?


What kind of pumps and heaters...
I picked my 125 with sump, 30# of rock, skimmer, canopy, and stand for 300 (maybe 400, I don't remember).
But then again, I have a friend that for a 75 with stand, heater, and pump for $500.