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the reason i ask- is because i picked up a pair of them at my work that were readily eating mysis-brine-and other planktonic foods- i have had them for about 3 weeks now and it seems as though they have put on a little weight- i just turn my pumps off and feed then and they eat it right out of the water column. I would think that if they are putting on weight, they are relative healthy- would you agree?

bang guy

Probably. I would be inclined to say go for it.
Just keep in mind what happens to a Lionfish fed a steady diet of Goldfish. They put on a lot of weight, get lethargic, and die early of liver problems.
As you can tell, I haven't quite figured this out yet.


A few months back I had a post inquiring what this little critter was that I found in my tank. BangGuy (of course) replied that it was an Ostracod. I have some pics in the post so you can see what they look like. The only thing is that the images are decieving. The pod looks like a grain of sugar-sized aragonite. Maybe even smaller. I imagined that Dragonettes preferred food would be somewhat larger. Boy was I wrong. Heh.
Anyhow, heres the thread. Enjoy.