Titanium Heaters Via Aqua any good?


I've only used Visi-Therm heaters and have a few crack on me. After reading a thread on a heater breaking and killing everything, I'd like to change to an unbreakable one.
Q: Anybody use the Via Aqua Titanium heaters? If not, is there a standard in the industry that everybody uses or should use?
I did a search and didn't see this brand in the results.


I hate when people do this, but I am going to do it...I don't know about your heater, BUT...I just purchased a 1000w titanium heater from Won brothers and it has been great...it came with a seperate thermometer with digital readout to control the temperature in the tank, plus I am also told since it is metal, it can act as a grounding probe as well...thats all I can tell you. You are right though, unbreakable.


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i remember that somebody had a won brothers and something happend to the temperature probe and their tank got shocked. i have a won brothers in my tank, and then temp that i set it at is not the temp that my thermometer reads
, and i'll probably be replacing it soon.


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ebo jager are good glass heaters...or you could try visi therm stealth, those are plastic...i have the stealth and have had no problems yet


I've had a Via Aqua Titanium heater for several years - no problems!


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I ran an ebo-jager for years without fail and without temp. fluctuations. An excellent heater. A true set it and forget it heater.


Titanium heaters are great. I personally have had not problems with the Viaaqua ones. (shrugs) But a unbreakable heater is a good way to go IMO.