to get or not to get a snowflake


right now i have a 125gal fowlr tank in it is
75lbs lr
1 naso tang
1 marroon clownfish
1 porcupine puffer
all of my fish are around 2-3 inches
if I found a snowflake eel around 8 inches could he still eat my fish? Also could I get two snowflake eels or just one?


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he will eventually eat them.. 2-3''.... and the eel is 8''..... i thnk it's a no go buddy..eels grow fast.... so in time he will eat them..


There is no way an eel of that size will eat any of those fish. In a 125 gallon tank you will not have any problem with the eel and any of your livestock. Of course your eel will grow but so will the rest of your fish. Those are all good size fish you have and I've kept similar fish in tanks with no problem.


I have a snowflake in a 40gal as we speak. (Yes I know I will have to get a bigger tank eventually.) He is about 9-10 in. long I've had him since he was 3-4in. (2 months) and he dosen't bother anything, I even hand feed him. They are alot like slimy blind puppys. If you feed them well and take care of them they will be one of the best pets you will ever own.


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Originally Posted by ThaNgBom
he will eventually eat them.. 2-3''.... and the eel is 8''..... i thnk it's a no go buddy..eels grow fast.... so in time he will eat them..
A snowflake will not eat his fish


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i dont know about 2 cause i only have 1 sfe but deff get it, great pick up. tough, fun and 1 of my favorites in my tank and i dont think he wont eat any of those


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i have a snowflake in my 55 gallon he didnt even eat the damsels much as i was hoping he would. i have a couple of snails in there and a brittle star he hasnt even messed with those


i put a sne in my 75g tank like 2 weeks ago and i havent seen him since. i think he's dead. i miss my sne


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Originally Posted by Cartman101
A snowflake will not eat his fish
I wouldn't bet the farm on it. My SFE had a a buddy he hung out with and one day he became dimmer.
No Fiji... satisfied Eel meal though.
A few months later, my damsel was annoying him to no end. I'm laying on my bed watching television and turned just in time to see the Eel take a chunk out of the damsel.
"Never trust an eel"
For months he didn't have any tankmates. I just purchased another buddy for him and plan on purchasing another Foxface to put in this tank as I love the one I have in my other tank.
If he goes after the Foxface... he is going to regret it.
Again, never totally trust an eel - even the Snowflake Eel.
Denise M.


My eel doesn't mess with the fish, but he does some times try to catch them. Him and my huge arrow crab were fine for a month and then he just up and ate him. I have no idea how as the arrow crab could fight =.
Made me pretty mad though.


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dont get me wrong an eel is an eel. hes a hunter killer predator and revenge taker. if a damsil messes with him for to long one day the fish wiil be gone.but the question was if a sfe would eat one of the 3 fish listed, and those 2 to 3 inch fish wont be on the menu in my opinion.
just to add to konrade mine once went at it w a purple lobster. just nasty, took him apart claw by claw . then once deffenseless he finally finished him off. entertaining but expensive