To Thaw or NOT


I thaw my food and add Selcon, I dont think its good for the fish eating frozen pieces of food, It has to be thawed. Id say for them eating a piece of ice is not a good idea HTH <img src="graemlins//eek.gif" border="0" alt="[eek]" />


I thaw the food before feeding. I take a small glass of tank water and add the food to that to thaw. The feeding response I get is better than when I used to dump the frozen food in.


its best to thaw and then dump out the excess water- it just adds more waste to your tank-
and as mentioned, its always good to soak your foods in addn'l vitamins- zoe, selcon, vitamin c...etc.


I usually just plop it in in little fozen chunks or hand feed my fish. My water is so warm that the food melts almost instantly anyway.


I throw mine in the mircowave and nuke it for 30sec. It doesn't cook it, but get it to the right temp where it is just thawed and still cool. Am I the only one that does this?


Thanks Guys....
I do thaw mine, and soak it Zoe...
I was just curious, Ive seen on some posts that people just put it in the tank...and I wasnt sure if that was a good thing, and I was just making more work for myself, or it should be thawed and soaked....Thanks for that little info on extra water in it...
I do also add tank water to mine..
~Susie ;)


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I thaw. Seems like it would be stressful for an anemone to have a frozen (i.e. very cold) piece of scallop dropped on it by my maroon clown.


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I don't believe too many "tropical" saltwater fish and inverts are geared for eating frozen foods.
Would a chunck of icey frozen food "hurt" the animal - I don't know for sure - but it doesn't sound too natural.
I thaw to room temperature and feed.

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I prefer to feed all the critters in my tank with a turkey baster.. so I thaw out the food in about a cup of a seawater, then suck it up and carefully squirt some where it will be easily eaten. I don't like just dumping it in because in my experience, quite a bit of it wouldn't get eaten, and then sink into the rocks and cause a spike.. havn't thrown in my cleaner crew yet, so I'll continue this ritual till I do. :)


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Originally posted by m1rodrig:
<strong>Hey Jackson Is that a trigger in your reef I thought these love to eat coral.Nice tank!!!</strong><hr></blockquote>
Thanks... and yes, it is a trigger. It's a huma huma trigger (also known as a picasso???). Never caused any problems in my tank until it got sucked into a powerhead the other day. Just my luck too... finally get a healthy fish and it finds another way to die :rolleyes: Anyways... it never bothered anything, but I don't have any shrimps or stars in my tank.