Tomini Tangs Mouth Stuck Open


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So I'll try to include as much info as possible....But long story short our tomini tang was fine all day yesterday. He is not breathing hard and was eating fine yesterday. I noticed early this morning that he can't seem to close his mouth. His lips, mostly the top one, seems very white and almost swollen as you can see in the first picture.

I uploaded some pics (Not the best quality sorry about that) The other fish in the tank include a cole eye tang, foxface and lionfish (baby) as well as two maroon clowns (also babies) and 2 cleaner shrimp. We also have a bubble tip anemone.

Tested water and everything is good. It is impossible to catch this guy he's very fast and all the live rock, plus don't want to stress other fish out. Any ideas? He loves being cleaned by the cleaners. I haven't noticed him get too close to the anemone but maybe he got stung...Any info would be appreciated.


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bang guy

I've seen something similar before where the jaw was broken. In that case it was probably protecting itself from another fish, or got spooked and slammed into the glass.

I hope this isn't the case here because it's not fixable.


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I hope not either, but he always seemed to get along really well with the other fish. He was especially close to the foxface. I hope he didn't accidentally get pricked by his spines. But I would think he would be dead.