Top 10 most DANGEROUS dog breeds

Top Ten Most Dangerous Breeds
10. Criminal Dog Owners - They vary in size, shape, color and creed. Whether urban or rural, they thrive in environments where crime does pay.
This breed may deliberately train dogs to be human aggressive. This breed has been known to shoot dogs for fun it. They fight dogs and use sweet tempered dogs as bait. Here in the New York area - they've been known to feed dogs ground up glass and gun power to toughen them up - you know-In case the police kick the front door - they're out the back - and the dogs are in between.
9. Irresponsible and Ignorant Dog Owners
Characterized by a complete lack of common sense and or manners, these dog owners come in three distinct varieties - Dumb, Dumber and Plain Stupid.
However they do share the same breed traits, like
Complete disregard for local leash or pooper scooper laws
Stubborn, self-centered rudeness
The inability to see the potential consequences for their behavior
So here are the three types if I & I's:
Dumb- When Snowball whines to go out, they throw open the front door and let her out to wander the neighborhood. Snowball is free to poop and pee wherever she likes. And if Snowball should wander into my yard and my dog defends its territory, like many dogs .......we've got a problem.
Dumber - Easy to recognize, this genius nonchalantly walks their dog off leash in the neighborhood, like it's no big deal. WEll in my book - it is a big deal. How would you like it if I let my dog run up to your children off leash. Or run up to any person who may be afraid of dogs. (and BTW - I support off leash space - just not on the block). And it's not OK if your dog takes a dump in my flowerbed, got that?
Plain Stupid- Waaaaay short on common sense - they let their children play unattended with dogs, or let them run up to pet a stranger's dog or get in a strange dog's face.
8. Negligent or Abusive Dog Owners
Like sociopaths who lack basic the human trait of compassion - this all-too-common breed is well known for a lack of care or concern. They are, however, gifted and talented in the areas of neglect or cruelty.
These G & Ts routinely fail to give their animals even the basics of food, water or shelter or fail to provide vet care. David Owens, an employee of Child Services in New York, has been accused of leaving his dying Akita out in the cold for weeks.
Even beating the dog is OK for these people- it's only a dog. Even if it's not their dog! Kick it if it gets in your way, wants food or attention. OK - so cruel and unusual punishment is against law, so giving them the same treatment is out. Too bad.
6. Ignorant Shelter Workers & Rescuers
We give shelter and rescue workers big snaps for the great job they do on a daily basis. That said - they are some bad apples in this bunch. Who? These people are marked by their staggering ignorance, leaving the rest of the dog world stammering in surprise.
Statements from these so-called "professionals" include, "We don't adopt out Pitbulls - they have locking jaws", and "We don't adopt out Rotties or Dobermans - they're aggressive". Better yet, they hide a dog's health or behavioral history, thinking that all dogs can be saved, from adopters who may be in for a big surprise. Someone needs to teach this breed a lesson - and quick.
5. Ignorant Dog Fanciers
Nose and tail always in the air with, "Breed restrictions don't really apply to me - I own a PUREBRED dog". Oh, really ? Maybe you'd like to share you magical powers with the rest of us....or better yet ............
4. Arrogant Dog Fanciers
Not only are nose and tail always in the air, but his type will even dis their fellow dog fanciers with, "it's not my breed". Ain't that special? Now bend over ...........this won't hurt a bit....
Numbers 4 and 5 do a diservice to the many hardworking, ethical home breeders who care deeply about their dogs and the welfare of dogs in general.
3. Irresponsible News Media
They attack -unprovoked, when you least expect it. Out of the blue, and really just when those ratings are starting to take a dive. That's just the perfect time to lead with a dog story. These media outlets target large working breeds, they thrive on fear. And they are yellow to the core.
Yeah - I'm talking to you, Kathryn McIntyre of the Commerce City Journal for your lack of editorial integrity for publishing the street addresses of pitbull owners. --- offenders have more privacy rights than dog owners.
And yeah - I'm talking to you all you local metro broadcast news outlets, like CBS Channel 2 News in New York that that invariably portray "dangerous" dogs as Pitbulls or Rottweilers. In journalism - we don't automatically portray stories of rapes with images of black or Hispanic men. Nor should we visually support dangerous dog news stories with pictures of Pitbulls and Rottweilers, by default - like the one shown here from the CBS News site:
And yeah, I'm talking to you, for any print or web media that shows that same doctored photo of a snarling pitbull with digitally elongated teeth.
This ain't news - it's titillating info-tainment designed to spike fear, ad circ, and ratings at the same time.
It's time to run these out-of-control puppies back thru the basics - you know, fair and balanced reporting, media ethics - all that stuff they swore by in journalism school.
2. Greedy Insurers
These insurers aren't dogs - they're pigs. And who's to stop them when...........
they can chow down of easy profits on the backs of good dog owners by denying, limiting or eliminating coverage of dog owners in 37 states?
they stuff so much of their piggy bank bucks into the pockets of politicians?
Then politicians, hoggin' up all that campaign dough , do the bidding of the insurance sector, blocking bills that would make it illegal for insurers to discriminate against good dogs and good dog owners.
There's a saying - pigs get fat, but hogs get slaughtered. I'd like to invite you all to a barbeque :)
1. Opportunistic Politicians
These dogs will whine - they beg - they'll do anything for attention - and money - especially from those fat cats in the insurance lobby who ensure obedience with juicy campaign donations. These politicians breed fear, thrive on ignorance and count on apathy.


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Some are getting the clue...AAA homeowners in CA no longer denies insurance for "agressive breeds" however they will exclude your dog if it bites someone. But they wont cancel you.


lol. i opened this thread thinking i would be pissed and ready to freak out on somebody. as the owner or pitbulls and an american bulldog also the father of three kids who love my dogs play on my dogs ride my dogs sleep by my dogs people who bash breed piss me off. dogs are as mean as they are trained to be.


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I agree 1000%
had rott's 20yrs ago before they were ghetto dogs , the breed was great but the wannabe's ruined it!


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I hate to break up this love fest but anyone who thinks that there aren't more aggressive breeds is a complete fool. If you pit lovers think that your pit is just as safe as a lab or golden around your kids then you are just ignorant.
Don't get me wrong, there are great pits, rottys, mastiffs, etc but I've had enough breeds of dogs in my life to see the differences in their temperaments. I've seen the tendency in mastiffs to be dog aggressive. Go read a book about Neopolitan Mastiffs and then bring one home to your kids. Or google "springer rage syndrome" and tell me that dogs are only as aggressive as their owners make them.
You may love your pit, rotty, or whatever and that's fine. But let's not pull the wool over our eyes and think that there are not more and less aggressive breeds of dogs.
This little love fest is fine... you can all sing kumba-ya together. But just realize that experts who love their breeds will tell you that you are just plain wrong.


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I have an Akita that is a terrible watch dog. I did that on purpose though. Since he was 8 weeks old I took him everywhere with me and let EVERYONE pet him and hold him. As he got older I took him to doggie parks and playgrounds. Now that he is 7 years old he greets everyone at the door with a tail wag and lets babies crawl all over him.
If I had him chained up in the backyard I dont think he would turn out like this.
If you do have an aggressive breed try and enroll them into the AKC good canine citizen program. Its a 2 hour class and I have been able to use my certification for landlords that did not allow pets. It comes in REAL handy.
I have lived in 4 rentals during his life that did not allow pets but once I busted out this certification they allowed him with a pet deposit.


i agree with crimzy on this one, my uncle has been a grade behaviorist, all his life allmost, and he has come across some really ignorant ppl that make there pit or dob cuddly wuddly all his life then bam 8 yrs later the background starts to kick in, he has had pits and blue heelers his whole life , the most trained of trained dogs, so well behaved, bought up with his kids, but they have that look in there eye every now and then that he will never trust 100%. BUT he is all for trying to keep these breeds of dogs at a good level of obedience and trying to get ppl involved in knowing exactly how to handle its needs and temperment, you cant change a dogs background. Unfortunatly they have banned the breeding of pits in australia.i have had two germen sheps from when i was a kid, grew up with the family, great dog lived until 6 because one day decided to bite my mums calf for no reason we had to have her put down, the other one lived until 16 yrs, she was a great dog, nothing wrong with her temprement, and they were siblings. any breed of dog has the potential to bite, but the ones with the ancectairy background to fight have it in their blood somewhere. just saying


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I also see where ya'll are coming from. Its a day to day situation with my dog. The breed is always trying to over power their owners. I am always having to correct him (The cesar malon way LOL) or make sure I walk through the door first, or make him wait to eat his food until I tell him to.
When I stop that, I can sense him trying to take over the house again.


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Dogs with the ancestory to fight means they will bite people? How logical is that exactly? Dog aggression isn't human aggression anymore than animal aggression is human aggression. Do you think because a terrier wants to kill small animals they will attack people? My ferrets like to kill small animals too, how about my cat? Are they vicious? You do realize many breeds have been used for dog fighting, from bulldogs to terriers to mastiffs depending on country. Even Boston Terriers were fought in pits.
I do think my pit bulls are just as safe around children as a lab, funny because my nephew was bit by a lab. I don't consider that dog vicious although my sister had him put down for it. More typical story of new dog left alone with a child, kid did something the dog didn't like, dog corrected him like he would a puppy with a nip. Kid was fine, parents overreacted. That's not a mean dog, that's bad ownership. No matter what breed is doing the biting the circumstances are almost always the same, unsupervised small children with unfixed and untrained dogs that aren't pets, usually guard or breeding animals. And blaming "fighting dogs" seems a little silly seeing as there were almost no fatal dog attacks by pit bulls while dog fighting was legal. Only once they became the bad dog loved by so many people who shouldn't be allowed to own animals period and bred like mad by people who either don't care about temperament or want a mean dog.
Go back 100 years and replace pit bull with german shepherd, the "slinky police dog" that's mixed with wolf according to the media back then. Then they were joined by dobes and rotts, kinda suspicious seeing as we were at war with Germany then. Oh and dobes brains outgrew their skulls, remember that? Now it's pit bulls and "locking jaws" or their magical extreme strength.
No one likes to admit that dog are animals and yes they can bite. Even the 6 week old lab puppy who was left alone with a 3 month old baby (left in a hanging seat) while the parents "slept". Chewed the baby's toes and it died of blood loss. Or the recent one where mom left her newborn on the bed and their husky came in and picked it up by the head. That's not an attack, that's a dog who doesn't know what a baby is.
Then you have cases like the one in MN a few years back, family has a male, unfixed pit bull with a long history of aggression, 7 attacks previous. They keep it chained up in the basement with no food or water and let their kid go downstairs to play with their other pit bull who just had puppies and "Face" the male attacked and killed him. You tell me what kind of person keeps a dog like that. And breeding them no less, how many dogs are out there right now with a human aggressive dogs genes? That's why there's a problem. If either of my dogs acted aggressive towards people they would be put down, that's not what the breed should be like at all.
many years ago i was watching phil donahue discussing dog breeds with aggressive natures. they had folks on both sides of the argument there. both had good points. a woman called in to tell her story because she wanted to keep others from making a mistake. their family had always owned pits. they were raised around children and were very loving animals that had never bit anyone. one day she and her girlfriend got a babysitter for the kids and went shopping. they came home to police cars and an ambulance in the drive. one of her friends small children ( i believe she had said it was a 4 year old) got down on all fours and barked and one of her pits attacked the child. unfortunately the childs throat was ripped out and did not survive the attack. the animal behaviorist on the show said that probably what happened was that when the child got down and barked something in the dogs brain clicked and the dog suddenly it saw the child as prey.


beatiful dogs pet junkie. i think out of all the dogs i have had or been around my american bulldog is the calmest. my pits like to play around they have more energy to burn. but at the same time they dont bark at anybody they wont even take a treat directly from my hand.


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When I worked at the spca I had to sign off (euthanize) dogs that had child, food, dog, cat aggression because my boss said it could lead to people aggression or child aggression. Not sure if that was an excuss for a busy facility or what.
It was extrememly hard to adopt out chows because they were so aloof, but we adopted alot of sweet pits. It was the shephered mixes that we had problems with.


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Dogs do have natural instincts based on what they were bred to do. I have a South African Boerboel (Mastif) for example. They were bred to be gaurd dogs. She is sweet as pie, however she IS protective of her house and parents. She senses when we are anxious or upset, she also knows when we are calm and relaxed. There is a certain way to introduce her to people so that she knows we are ok with them and they are friends. If someone walked in my door exhibiting fear and anxiety there is a chance she could become agressive. Mostly she would growl and run away.
I think that there is a mis understanding about what the nature of alot of dogs really is. Owners need to understand their dogs, train them accordingly and promote safe, healthy and comftorable environments. If ANY dog gets stressed or feels threatened in any way you can run into problems. 99% of responsible dog ownership is being able to read your dog and understand how it deals with stress.