Torch Coral Assessment


In the LFS yesterday, and in one of the lower holding tanks running a combination of NO and PC lights, usually reserved for smaller coral frags that aren't in great shape, for reduced prices.
There was a small brown (as opposed to the green) torch coral frag going for about 12 bucks. Its small ends were visible, although quite retracted, and the tank itself looked like it was poorly maintained.
I figured I would add it to my 10 gallon nano to see if I could salvage it. Here are the pics as of placement and acclimation 8 hours later. I have placed it near the top of the tank, near the output from a small aquaclear 20 filter, away from my maxijet and protein skimmer return flows.
My question is, based on this coral's current condition, could I rescue this thing in my nano, or was it a futile attempt to begin with. Any suggestions for its survival would be greatly appreciated.
(its currently 3 inches under the water surface under my 96 watt powerquad). I currently am sustaining polyps and silver branch xenia with success.

nm reef

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Looks to be in pretty bad shape...but it still may be saved. I'd keep it in a lower flow area and try to direct feed it small meaty particles....I've seen corals recover from that same type condition before.
Hey, Its cool you bought it to try... It looks pretty bad, I dont see ANY live tenticles but maybe just the pic.... Hopefully you can SAVE it..
Here's mine, has 1 bare branch...


Have you found the tenticles anywhere? A while ago my Tenticles just fell off the branches. It was caleld pollyup balout.....
HappyReef, How's it going? Any change for the better?
Let us know, always looking for encouraging stories!! :nervous:
Fingers crossed!


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I did a similar thing. I bought a hammer coral that was "dead" for $5 about 6 months ago. Today its beautiful. All I did was give it good light and good quality water. I'll take a pict and post it later.


Wow, I do appreciate the encouragement, but unfortunately, it didn't make it. I did go back by the LFS to recommend placement of corals anywhere but that tank, but it's their store.
As far as the pics posted, those specimens look beautiful.
Again thanks, too late in my efforts, but I enjoyed trying!


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Did you pull it out? I have a brown and when a head puckers for whatever reason the tenticals go pure white. If you saw brown I would think you had a good chance at a save. It it is still tanked give it a little more time. I think it was well worth the effort even if it didn't make it, can't win them all.
Originally posted by shawnts106
Get some Iodine on it asap, Just take some Kent Iodine and a Pipe-head and squirt it with the iodine for a few mins.... this helps heal up any open wounds and also kill of bad bacteria... always has worked for me!
Hmmm, I learn something new all the time!! thanks.
Also, Dont pull it out, leave it in your tank for decoration, its probably similar to a piece of LR now, if its been in a tank for a long time. I have had things die throughout the years and the skelotins (sp?) are still in my tank. As long as it isnt a melting or rotting anemone, so problems! May as well get something out of your efforts.. OR maybe it will bloom something???