Transfering tanks?



Hello first post on the boards but been reading them for awile now really helps out starters like me. anyways i have a 30 gal tank with a valtine puffer humu triger engineer goby lawnmower blenny and alot of inverts. question is i bought a new tank of my buddy set it up got some new live sand for it put half my live rock in there and used half new water half old water from my current tank btw its a 55 gal.its been up and runing for about a week now since i used half of my old water would it be safe to transfer them over?


You should test the water in the new tank. There should be no nitrites or ammonia. If i were you, i would wait another week or 2.

keith burn

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how long has the 55 run?
what were the lvl in the 55gal befor the move?
did you have a spike in the new tank?


I transferred tanks over this past weekend. I had a 55 gallon and a 180 gallon. Didn't want to maintain two tanks anymore so I sold my eel in the 180 and tore it down all the way to about an inch of sand and couple inches of water. Then, I tore down my 55 because it was located where I was moving the 180. I took most all the sand from my 55 gallon and ALL the water from it, and transferred it all to the tank. After filling up with water again, I put my fish right in. They're fine and happy, so if you have had a tank up and running for a week, I'd say you're totally fine.