Trying to catch a wrasse?


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I have a pretty small lunar wrasse and a damsel I want to transfer into different tanks but I dont reallly have the time to go chasing them with a net (I tried this for a half hour already) I told them that they would be going to a better home but they didnt wanna hear it.
How does that thing with the 2 liter bottle work, can anyone tell me how to make it? And how willing would the fish actually be to go in it? seems like they would be too afraid to me.
any other methods?


I can never catch a fish because I have so much live rock built with caverns and hiding spots. Good luck. Sorry I don't know the other ways to give you advice.
Check your other thread for replies. And you'll probably get better responses if you only post a question once, rather than posting the same thing in multiple places.
Hi everyone! I had a med sized lunar and I used one of those fish traps. I used it first thing in the morning when he was good and hungry and baited it with squid. Unfortunately I also caught my yellow tang and foxface along with it, but at least I got him. They are VERY smart.