trying to switch from guppies to frozen foods with my fuzzy dwarf lion fish

Bought a fuzzy dwarf lion fish from my LFS about a month ago, put her in the 72 gallon tank. I was trying to feed her shrimp and squid like I do with my snowflake eel, nothing. Looked on line also talked to my LFS to get ideas and all pointed to freshwater guppies to start the transition. But all she would do is hide when I introduce the food. So I moved her to my 20 gallon tank,first she hid like normal then she took interest but when she saw no eyes (my owne opinion) she lost interest. To day I cut a piece of squid so it looked like a guppy, she knew what I was up to (again my owne opinion) and paid no interest. The squid slipped out of my forceps and floated with the current and she attacked it then spit it out. I feel I'm getting close dose any one have any hints or tips any comments will be wonderful. Also my squid and shrimp are soaking in garlic from my LFS.