two yellow tangs and two hippo tangs


I have read that you cannot put two yellow tangs together, two hippo tangs, or any close looking tangs together for that matter. However, I have seen it done in many occasions.
My question is, is it possible to put two yellow tangs and two hippo tangs (2-3") total 4 in one 90 Gal tank?
The reason I am asking is because where I live (UAE) it is hard to come across good fish very often, and when you do they cost an arm and a leg and are usually in bad condition. I have found a yellow and a blue at a local fish store in very good condition and reasonably priced. Thanks!


i would only do one yellow tang other wise when they grow they will get very teritorial and aggresive due to tank space, jmo


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The size of the tank is not big enough to that many Tangs. I'd recommend getting a larger tank first and not buy fish just because you found a good deal. The long term health of the fish should come before a bargain. Just my $0.02 worth.


NO that tank size is hardly big enough for one yellow tang not even big enough for a blue tang so especially not one of each