u-tube plumbling question


I am in the middle of changing my sump and the plumbing to it and I have a question: Is there any reason I cannot plumb my u-tube directly into the pipes bringing it to the sump? The model I have has an overflow box and the u-tube goes into the out of tank portion of it a few inches above the bulkhead. I am guessing this is so one could use a prefilter, which I do not plan on using, so could I just use some rubber hosing to attach the two and not have to listen to the splashing and gurgling I do now. The overflow would protect me from too much drainage and the rubber hosing would be easy to disconnect if I needed to maintance anything. Is this a good idea and would it reduce the noise? It is in my bedroom so the noise is an issue. Any thoughts? I am new to diy plumbing and have no ego invested in this idea.


sounds like a good idea, but one thing i see that may be a problem is the fact of keeping the "syphon going"
I am assuming you are talking about the overflow box with 1 box inside and one on the outside with a U tube. The reason the bulkhead is lifted up a little is to keep enough water in the tube so that air does not enter into the u tube when the water drains down during a power outage. If you had no outer box and just a tube when the power goes out all the water will drain out of the tube and go down to the sump, and I think air will then enter into the tube....( i am not completely sure, but I think this is what will happen) . Then the pump kicks bak on but you have no syphon tube going, hence the tank overflows.
some one please correct me, if i am wrong


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If it is an overflow box as mentioned above...by directly connecting the u tube to the drain would allow the tank to drain without much noise...ithe problem as noted above, if you had a power failure, the water would complete drain from the inner box, and the siphon would be broken...when the power came back on...the pump would fill the tank until the sump level fell below the pump...you would have a flood and probably burn your pump out.