update on tiny white tubes on live rock...


i called up my LFS, and they said they were feather dusters... i tried taking a picture but my camera doesnt do real good close up... does anyone know of a link with pictures of feather dusters when they first start out? they kind of look like little maggots hanging all over my live rock. thanks!


Do they tend to be in the shade? If so they may be Q-tip sponges. A sign of good water quality I hear.


they are pretty scattered... but underneath my rocks where there is less light... there are alot more of them... and they are a little bit bigger. my water quality is supposed to be perfect... ive had alot of ---- die mostly because i screwed something up.... but i did just have a coral banded shrimp die on me with in a couple hours of putting it in the tank so i dont understand. do you have a picture of these "q-tip" things.


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i've got those too, i was thinking about maybe asking the board about them, but never got around too it. what are those called?


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ar eyou sure thats what they are? I also have them in my tank they tend to spread all over th place.you know I have looking for a name for them for the last 2 yrs thank you