Upgrading to a 120


I currently have a 55 gallon tank and i'm upgrading to a 120 with a 25 gallon sump in the next month and a half. I currently have the following:
2 false percs
1 yellow tang
3 green chromis
1 sixline wrasse
1 flame angel
any ideas for additions?
I'd like to add: (some, not all)
blue tang
watchman goby
maybe an anthias
Any pluses of minuses to these fish?


I upgraded from my 55 to a 125 a few months ago. In my opinion I would get rid of the sixline they get very territorial and when putting the yellow tang and flame angel into the new tank wait a while, until the tank is established a few months otherwise they may die. For the goby I would get a diamond watchman he keeps my sand clean. Which blue tang do you mean powder blues are very hard to keep and hippos get ick very easily, instead I would look at the blonde naso, chevron, or red sea sailfin tangs, I think all of these are prettier and hardier fish. The faxface is cool, very hardy, and anthias usually have a different color than most fish so they stand out. Wait a while before adding the mandarin but definitely get one. Good Luck!